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Every day Douchebaggery

(Will create a logo of some sort for these post later)

I'm thinking of starting a new segment in all my journals called "Every day Douchebaggery" since this particular week has of been full of such Douchery.
Here are a few that happened this passing week and today:

Today "Hey, why don't you get your BOYFRIEND to walk the DOG for you?" Fuck you, sir, fuck you. Why don't you get your GIRLFRIEND to ride YOUR bike for you since your fat ass can't get proper balance on it. Of all the insults I get when I walk my dog Oliver, this one is the most rude, sexist and ignorant of them all. I've had plenty of "Dog's walking you" bullshit,but this is disgustingly misogynist.

SundayMy cat, Timmy(nine months?), constantly tries to get out of the house despite him 1)not fixed, and 2)without shots. It goes without saying, that it is not safe for him to be outside.

On Sunday morning the cat came back from his nightly escapades. My mom tells me to wash him and I do. Shortly after washing him he starts vomiting. Which is normal for him, he always vomits ONCE after a bath(for what ever reason-nerves?) But then he starts vomiting more and more. And he's STILL vomiting today(with me cleaning up everything). My mom insist it has something to do with the new food we bought OVER A WEEK AGO. Or the niegbours poisoned him. Other way, my mom refuses to bring him to the vet. Her alternative? Dump him at some random street and home for someone to take him. Like our last cat. Which I loved dearly but had to DUMP it like garbage for some non existing allergies of my little brother. He's losing weight FAST. Fuck your ignorance, mom, fuck it.

Saturday Me and my step mom usually get along fine. Were not super close, but not completely at war with each other. Till Saturday. Me and my brother were just about to leave my dad's and get driving by my step home. My sister had her friends over(like 20 fucking 5 of them...all oddly taller then me despite mine being 3 years their senior) and I had just finished eating some cereal before heading home.As I crossed the kitchen(step, sis and friends all crowded there) my step says, if a very OBVIOUS mocking jabbing tone, "You know, you shouldn't wear your shoes in the kitchens. You know you're suppose to take them off riiight?". A strikingly different tone to the one she used on my brother just seconds ago.

THEN, when we were finally ready to go, my other relative who also live at my dad's house say their goodbyes, which off course, absendminded as I am, didn't realize this till the wench barked in a bitchy tone said, "Hey! There saying goodbye! Say goodbye back!" In which I then shouted my goodbyes obnoxiously. Fuck you, home wrecker, fuck you.