Draw Selina Kyle/Catwoman!(Meme)

The Catwoman communities need more action! So, out of boredom and for fun for all of Feline Felon Fanatics, I've decided to start a Catwoman Meme for a chance for all of us Cat fan to pore some creative juices and design some new Catwoman costumes! Why? Isn't about time Selina had a change of clothes? I mean it happens every tens years anyway(this years been slow, DC...).

With you post of your design, tell us what inspired you to come out with it. And It's functionality and how it represents Selina.

Now, start drawing away!(Hehe, I'll get to mine as well...)

Ahem, also, there should totally be a Secret Six community...ahem.

Deadline:August the 20?

EDIT(My entry):

This is my own entry for the "Draw Catwoman Meme" Found here!:

Now, my inspiration for this design is from the "jungle catsuit" wore by Miss Kyle in her first run in the 90's. Now, I typically dispense that time period(mostly do to the suit Balent Had her wear..) but reading the issues from the very beginning, I came to realize that her first run really wasn't that bad. And I actually like the jungle suit she had during issues 21-22. So I Incorporated those torso striped on this design. So the strips, as they would in wild feline, serve as camouflage.

Also, I had some bit and pieces from her current costume. Now, what 90's Catwoman fan's complain about her new costume the most were her goggles.Now, I for one like the goggles, but, yes, not every artist can draw them "right". So, I decided for this one to keep the goggle AND the cowl so she doesn't have to wear them all the time.

Her goggle of course are equipped with night version and inferred and the speakers/headphones in her cat ears for heighten hearing and blue tooth for any calls she needs to make before,during or after a heist.

Her gloves are equipped with titanium 'claws' for defense and lock picking.

Her shoes are a simple 1 inch heeled knee high boots. The bottom of these boots are very rigged for secure grip on roof tops but are light weight and produce little to no sound.

Her catsuit is made of polyester,nylon and cotton so that minimal noise is produce while she walks/runs. Like seriously, leather is REALLY noisy. And the material creates little shin making her less visible and is very breathable.

She also has a small pack back for her to store her goodies. :)

And notice how her whip is wrapped around her body(Batman Returns anyone? :D) for easy access instead of having to wrap the damn thing multiple times after each use, therefore saving a lot of time if she just gently wrapped it around her a la Batman Returns.

Her colours are fairly simple-black and blue. Nothing flashy or an eye sore.

So, yes rushed, but I just wanted everyone to get the basic idea of what I wanted in this design. Leave comments, opinions and draw your own idea of what her newest costume should be like!
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Every day Douchebaggery: Paris Hilton's new "BFF" Selfsexism

Ok, now, I know you may think off me to NOT be the type to watch shows like this. I'm not. But out of boredom and curiousity, me and my brother decided to watch an episode of PHNBFF(oh God am abbreviating everything..).

Now, in this "reality" Tv show, contestants compete for dear Paris' friendship...see the bullshit yet? In this one particular episode, the future BFF must dress up their little mini Paris doll. Mini Paris Doll. That talk. And tell the contestant to do such naughty things. WTF.

Blah, blah, they do there little FASHION show with the MINI PARIS DOLLS and some superficial BS is spurted out of Paris' mouth blah blah blah I don't give a shit. THEN, one of the buttmonkey's(I'm calling them that now) dolls tells her to take out all the shoe laces of the ONLY straight and SANE guy in the house as a prank. And then they tie it to the window drapes. BEADED window drapes.

Honestly how stupid are this bimbos? Do they know how time consuming it is to put back shoe laces in a shoe?! BUT first having to UNTIE them from BEADED window drapes?!

The poor guy, he gets a little pissed obviously, but HE DOES NOT completely flip out. Why am I pointed this out so much? You'll see.

He complains a little of course. Who wouldn't. Then the one of the buttmonkey's TAKES HIS CLOTHES and tries to thrown them to the pool. He gets pissed of course but REMAINS CALM for the most part. He tries to grab his clothes from the buttmonkey. Then the bitch starts flipping out all "don't touch me!" BS. Serious, I HATE when girls play the harass card. It's so immature and low and demeaning to both parties.

Then ALL the girl and sorta the gay guy gain up on him. Poor dude. The only CALM AND SANE one gets completely attack by a bunch of whiny immature buttmonkey's. Paris, who was listening to the WHOLE thing comes to the scene...and GOES ON THE GIRL'S SIDE!!!


Bitch, you SAW and HEARD what happened and you go against the poor guy? Are you dense? Are you retarded or something? It's goddam common sense!(Sorry couldn't help the Batman reference...)

The girls planed a STUPID prank on him. Then when they see him react as any other HUMAN being would to SEEING their private passions VANDALIZED, they flip out and brutalized against him and go low on his dignity and their own.

Maybe I'm thinking to much into these reality TV shows. But shit like this just reinforces the stereotype that woman/girls are weak, insecure bitches that can't held a situation maturely and RATIONALLY and only the "strong" and "capable" and "RATIONAL" men can held making such "big" decisions. Thanks Paris for pushing back over 40 years and woman right down the toilet.

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This week's Douchebag: The Batgirl Solicits(DC)

*Part of the new "Douchebag" segments I'm starting,coinciding with Ever Day Douchebahhery,both to be updated weekly-EDDB at Mondays and DBOTW on Tuesdays*

Omg guise! Did you know that there's like gonna be a NEW Batgirl(the 3rd?4th?)? No? Well DC what you Batgirl fans all excited and shit for some new chick on the scene! And nobody likes her! And there NOT telling you who it is for 4 issue or so! Isn't that awesome?!

Yep, a new Batgirl and another "Who is this new Batgirl?" plot. Except it's in HER OWN title. Really? Ok, if were going to have a new Batgirl and title,fine. But keep her entity secret for a few issue? What for? Whats the point? How the hell am I suppose to bond with this new character if I know nothing about her other then she's the NEW Batgirl? Assume she IS a new character and not a pre-existing one. By looking at the first cover above, you might think it's Cassandra Cain, the previous Batgirl(2). Oh! But look at the SECOND cover!:

Eh? But, that's Barbara Gordon's, the original Batgirl, costume! And MORE confusion insues with the latest cover solicit:

Eh? purple eyes? From the list of potential NuBatgirl contenders, NONE of them have PURPLE eyes...
Who are the contender, you ask? Well based on popular fan assumption: Spoiler(Stephanie Brown), Oracle(Barbara Gordon if she some how gained feeling in her legs back), Misfit,Bette Kane and Cassandra Cain. But that cover of NEW-and-improved-Batgirl says under wise. Or maybe there just screwing around with us. Colour mistake? Or a hint(Steph)?

So...a new character? If so this whole "let hide her entity till a few issues later in her OWN title" shit is a stupid and bad move as I have stated before. If it IS one of the contenders...I think it's save to say Cass it ruled out(And I just started like her after just starting to read her canceled title). Probably not Babs, though she is my favourite Batgirl(don't really fancy her as Oracle). Bette Kane? Doubt it, she WAS Batgirl in the golden age...the past is the past. Misfit? Eh...more possible, but no freckles on the pic? Spoiler(Stephanie Brown)...I find the most likely. She's not one of my favourite characters but I find her likable, but am sick and tired of her being treated like the Bat-families "Karen"*. It's about time she got her own title and a fresh start. But look at the issue description:
1#In the wake of "Batman R.I.P." and BATTLE FOR THE COWL, a new heroine has emerged in Gotham City, and as she begins her nocturnal crusade to take back the night, she will truly learn what it means to wear the mantle of the Bat. But who is this young woman, and why has she donned the cape and cowl?
2#As the new Batgirl continues her nightly mission, the mystery of her secret identity intensifies. Now she has become the target of both Gotham City's heroes (who don't take kindly to a new person wearing the cape and the cowl) and its villains (who want to see the entire Bat-family six feet under)!

So, I've come to a conclusion that instead of putting some use to the poorly treated Spoiler, we have to deal with a NEW character who identity is completely unknown. In her own title. For months. Just for use to waste cash month after month trying to find out who this bitch is to only be disappointed it is none of our top choices.

Thank you DC, you are the Douchebag of the week.

* Watch a Dan Cook video with "karen" and you'll under stand...
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Every day Douchebaggery

(Will create a logo of some sort for these post later)

I'm thinking of starting a new segment in all my journals called "Every day Douchebaggery" since this particular week has of been full of such Douchery.
Here are a few that happened this passing week and today:

Today "Hey, why don't you get your BOYFRIEND to walk the DOG for you?" Fuck you, sir, fuck you. Why don't you get your GIRLFRIEND to ride YOUR bike for you since your fat ass can't get proper balance on it. Of all the insults I get when I walk my dog Oliver, this one is the most rude, sexist and ignorant of them all. I've had plenty of "Dog's walking you" bullshit,but this is disgustingly misogynist.

SundayMy cat, Timmy(nine months?), constantly tries to get out of the house despite him 1)not fixed, and 2)without shots. It goes without saying, that it is not safe for him to be outside.

On Sunday morning the cat came back from his nightly escapades. My mom tells me to wash him and I do. Shortly after washing him he starts vomiting. Which is normal for him, he always vomits ONCE after a bath(for what ever reason-nerves?) But then he starts vomiting more and more. And he's STILL vomiting today(with me cleaning up everything). My mom insist it has something to do with the new food we bought OVER A WEEK AGO. Or the niegbours poisoned him. Other way, my mom refuses to bring him to the vet. Her alternative? Dump him at some random street and home for someone to take him. Like our last cat. Which I loved dearly but had to DUMP it like garbage for some non existing allergies of my little brother. He's losing weight FAST. Fuck your ignorance, mom, fuck it.

Saturday Me and my step mom usually get along fine. Were not super close, but not completely at war with each other. Till Saturday. Me and my brother were just about to leave my dad's and get driving by my step home. My sister had her friends over(like 20 fucking 5 of them...all oddly taller then me despite mine being 3 years their senior) and I had just finished eating some cereal before heading home.As I crossed the kitchen(step, sis and friends all crowded there) my step says, if a very OBVIOUS mocking jabbing tone, "You know, you shouldn't wear your shoes in the kitchens. You know you're suppose to take them off riiight?". A strikingly different tone to the one she used on my brother just seconds ago.

THEN, when we were finally ready to go, my other relative who also live at my dad's house say their goodbyes, which off course, absendminded as I am, didn't realize this till the wench barked in a bitchy tone said, "Hey! There saying goodbye! Say goodbye back!" In which I then shouted my goodbyes obnoxiously. Fuck you, home wrecker, fuck you.
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Superhero Hype Forum Good Times: Riddler casting you amuse me.

I was looking through the post on the Riddler casting thread the Dark Knight squeal spoiler section of the SuperHero Hype forum and found this post in which I find absolutely fucking hilarious and TRUE:"Everyone keeps screaming for David Tennant. I'm not against the guy, but I'd like for someone to present me with a photo where he doesn't look like someone farted in his cereal. Seriously. He's always got this fruity smirk on his face like he just slept with my girlfriend and I don't know it."

When I first read this...I couldn't stop laugh. It is one of the most funniest things I've EVER read. And it's so true. WTF David Tennent?!