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Ok, now, I know you may think off me to NOT be the type to watch shows like this. I'm not. But out of boredom and curiousity, me and my brother decided to watch an episode of PHNBFF(oh God am abbreviating everything..).

Now, in this "reality" Tv show, contestants compete for dear Paris' friendship...see the bullshit yet? In this one particular episode, the future BFF must dress up their little mini Paris doll. Mini Paris Doll. That talk. And tell the contestant to do such naughty things. WTF.

Blah, blah, they do there little FASHION show with the MINI PARIS DOLLS and some superficial BS is spurted out of Paris' mouth blah blah blah I don't give a shit. THEN, one of the buttmonkey's(I'm calling them that now) dolls tells her to take out all the shoe laces of the ONLY straight and SANE guy in the house as a prank. And then they tie it to the window drapes. BEADED window drapes.

Honestly how stupid are this bimbos? Do they know how time consuming it is to put back shoe laces in a shoe?! BUT first having to UNTIE them from BEADED window drapes?!

The poor guy, he gets a little pissed obviously, but HE DOES NOT completely flip out. Why am I pointed this out so much? You'll see.

He complains a little of course. Who wouldn't. Then the one of the buttmonkey's TAKES HIS CLOTHES and tries to thrown them to the pool. He gets pissed of course but REMAINS CALM for the most part. He tries to grab his clothes from the buttmonkey. Then the bitch starts flipping out all "don't touch me!" BS. Serious, I HATE when girls play the harass card. It's so immature and low and demeaning to both parties.

Then ALL the girl and sorta the gay guy gain up on him. Poor dude. The only CALM AND SANE one gets completely attack by a bunch of whiny immature buttmonkey's. Paris, who was listening to the WHOLE thing comes to the scene...and GOES ON THE GIRL'S SIDE!!!


Bitch, you SAW and HEARD what happened and you go against the poor guy? Are you dense? Are you retarded or something? It's goddam common sense!(Sorry couldn't help the Batman reference...)

The girls planed a STUPID prank on him. Then when they see him react as any other HUMAN being would to SEEING their private passions VANDALIZED, they flip out and brutalized against him and go low on his dignity and their own.

Maybe I'm thinking to much into these reality TV shows. But shit like this just reinforces the stereotype that woman/girls are weak, insecure bitches that can't held a situation maturely and RATIONALLY and only the "strong" and "capable" and "RATIONAL" men can held making such "big" decisions. Thanks Paris for pushing back over 40 years and woman right down the toilet.