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Draw Selina Kyle/Catwoman!(Meme)

The Catwoman communities need more action! So, out of boredom and for fun for all of Feline Felon Fanatics, I've decided to start a Catwoman Meme for a chance for all of us Cat fan to pore some creative juices and design some new Catwoman costumes! Why? Isn't about time Selina had a change of clothes? I mean it happens every tens years anyway(this years been slow, DC...).

With you post of your design, tell us what inspired you to come out with it. And It's functionality and how it represents Selina.

Now, start drawing away!(Hehe, I'll get to mine as well...)

Ahem, also, there should totally be a Secret Six community...ahem.

Deadline:August the 20?

EDIT(My entry):

This is my own entry for the "Draw Catwoman Meme" Found here!:http://evolet2.livejournal.com/6002.html

Now, my inspiration for this design is from the "jungle catsuit" wore by Miss Kyle in her first run in the 90's. Now, I typically dispense that time period(mostly do to the suit Balent Had her wear..) but reading the issues from the very beginning, I came to realize that her first run really wasn't that bad. And I actually like the jungle suit she had during issues 21-22. So I Incorporated those torso striped on this design. So the strips, as they would in wild feline, serve as camouflage.

Also, I had some bit and pieces from her current costume. Now, what 90's Catwoman fan's complain about her new costume the most were her goggles.Now, I for one like the goggles, but, yes, not every artist can draw them "right". So, I decided for this one to keep the goggle AND the cowl so she doesn't have to wear them all the time.

Her goggle of course are equipped with night version and inferred and the speakers/headphones in her cat ears for heighten hearing and blue tooth for any calls she needs to make before,during or after a heist.

Her gloves are equipped with titanium 'claws' for defense and lock picking.

Her shoes are a simple 1 inch heeled knee high boots. The bottom of these boots are very rigged for secure grip on roof tops but are light weight and produce little to no sound.

Her catsuit is made of polyester,nylon and cotton so that minimal noise is produce while she walks/runs. Like seriously, leather is REALLY noisy. And the material creates little shin making her less visible and is very breathable.

She also has a small pack back for her to store her goodies. :)

And notice how her whip is wrapped around her body(Batman Returns anyone? :D) for easy access instead of having to wrap the damn thing multiple times after each use, therefore saving a lot of time if she just gently wrapped it around her a la Batman Returns.

Her colours are fairly simple-black and blue. Nothing flashy or an eye sore.

So, yes rushed, but I just wanted everyone to get the basic idea of what I wanted in this design. Leave comments, opinions and draw your own idea of what her newest costume should be like!


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Jul. 19th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC)
I was thinking august 20? Then have all the artwork linked in this post and people can vote for which design is the best in their opinion.
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